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Joseph Whyte

Joseph Whyte was born in Michigan and Raised in Northern and then Southern California. Joe then attended Northern Arizona University for his Bachelor in Business Administration. Joe currently runs a tra-digital advertising agency called Red Wagon. Joe has an extensive background in traditional and digital marketing and worked on thousands of clients marketing strategies across many different verticals. Joe also previously ran the marketing team for a tra-digital agency that, with his help, was featured on the Inc 5000 and won the Ranking Arizona Award. Joe has unlocked the power behind tra-digital advertising to gain a 10x factor of growth for business’s.

Taylor Kurtz

Taylor Kurtz was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Taylor then moved to Tallahassee in order to attend Florida State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. Taylor has an employment background within law firms that he has used to seamlessly integrate Attorney SEO into his marketing strategy.
With years of SEO experience, Taylor prides himself on communicating openly with clients and make sure his clients not only get the results they want, but understand why they are getting those results. Taylor has a proven track record of directly increasing clients revenue by driving traffic to their business through search engine results.