How Kindness and Generosity Win The Game

How Kindness and Generosity Win The Game

How Your Business Can Win With Less Work and More Smiles: Why Simple Acts of Kindness Beat the Competition
Staff Participation and Engagement
This endeavor turned out to be a huge success—the workers enjoyed it because they loved making peoples’ day. This generated an overall increase in productivity and motivation during work. It also made them feel proud to be working in such a shop. So many applications were submitted by people who wanted a job that it took less work to simply hire the best while managing an already efficient, loyal and happy workforce.

Media Buzz
The media coverage of the campaign for kindness turned out great as the local newspapers and stations had a full story to recount that was inspiring, fun and positive. To invest in the type of publicity that was received would have meant thousands of dollars in outright expenses.

Community Inclusion
We asked customers of our store to commit to ‘22 Days of Kindness’. Experts say that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so we thought 22 days would just be the cherry on top. Everyone had a positive reaction towards the challenge and shared it—bringing new clientele to the store. I put up a website with the campaign in mind and didn’t just include local reviews, but those from all over the world who were relaying experiences about acts of kindness they’d done or seen.

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