Figure Out What Works and Double Down on That

Figure Out What Works and Double Down on That

Why You Need to Double Down on What’s Already Working
Here’s why it’s best to double down on the things that are working and ignore everything else around you.

Shiny Object Syndrome
In marketing and every type of business, you’ll probably fall into the trap of being interested only in the next best things. The next big opportunity always excites us and I think everyone is like that. In the world of marketing, I think it’s vital to take a look at what’s been working in your situation and just double down with that.

What Works for Most Marketers
It’s usually just been this that works all of the time: content. It’s all about adding value through things like education. Whether you use videos, podcasts or blog posts, content is something that can always move the needle.

This is effectively doubling down on one thing rather than attempting to arrange all the fancy stuff. You can consider building funnels and other things of that sort later. That would take care of educating people as well, but you should think about what’s working right now.

Content Remains King
One thing I always like to do is return to what Apple was when it was first starting. The company simply put in work with the only personal computer they had: the initial Mac. Apple kept doubling down on that initial product for many years until the company was a household name at last.

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